Quality service is our business. Our commitment is to provide our customers with products that fully satisfy their requirements.
Our main business lines are engineering design, fabrication, equipment manufacture, repair/renovation, onshore & offshore services, products and rental services, and support services such as logistics, and import/export services


APDS is currently the leading provider of filtration services in the country; working on many of the active projects. We engineer and manufacture our filtration equipment in house to ensure quality and functionality.

Offshore Services

APDS own and operate six filtration spreads consisting of slurry tanks, twin filter Pot skids, diatomaceous earth (DE)-Press and all associated equipment. APDS provides filtration services to all operators in Vietnam.

Onshore Services

Beside the development of our maintenance services we have also Offshore/ Onshore Fabricaon Services such as:Engineering Design; Certified Low/High Welding Services; Certified Low/High Welding Services,etc.

Our Projects

Our Clients