APDS-Vietnam Filtration service objective is to provide the safest and most efficient removal of potentially damaging suspended solids from liquids, with minimal environmental impact, no operational downtime, and satisfaction to customers.

We provide Onshore or offshore filtration service, we can customize our filtration products, equipment, and services to meet the required parameters and quality specifications. Our personnels are well experienced and trained.

Routiinely they received safety orientations to help minimize any safety issues on the Worksite.Technical Orientation’s are given when there are changes in the equipment and consumables.


  • Can be use on onshore and offshore operations
  • Completion brines w/ High and Low Density
  • Process water & Sea Water

The Filtration Equipment Packages is engineered to provide:

  • An efficient and safe filtration service to meet the required paremeters.
  • Improve recovery of completion fluids and brines
  • Complete the job w/ minimal consumable usage

Filtration Equipment:

D.E. Filter Press

Twin Filter Skid

Slurry Skid

Stackable Filtration System